Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pranav says NO TO HOMEWORK

Today is sunday and tommorow is monday..back to school time... :(

Friday when I went to fetch Pranav from school, he gave me a book found a note in the book. The note goes this

"Dear Parents,

Can you guide Pranav to do this

exercise at home because he doesnt want to do at school.

Thank you....

From Teacher Faten :)"

When I saw this I was actually laughing, but wanted behave like a mom so went straight to the teacher and asked her what happend madam, she was so nice she said Pranav was not in the mood to do the exercise, So pls make him do this at home. ah ah ah...Its a very big task the teacher gave me..
Saturday we went out for shopping and came back only by 9:30 PM, so no time for home work...hahahahaha...
Sunday, my hubby decided to make pranav do his homework...He says...No appa, na paanamathain Pls appa ennaku ...he says he wants to sleep...and says I dont want to do any homework appa pls...
Appa says no pranav no TV. u have to do ur homework. all in the vain, My son goes to my MIL and says her Paati keelai povaveenam, Appa enna Home work panna sollara. Ennaku Home work NO.
Thats it Sunday is over now...and HOME WORK GOVINDA GONVIDA...

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Atlast did something nice. Cleared some certification. It was a bit difficult to study but no fear did some of my certification here goes the list
It was fun to study....but very much different in doing this certification loved it so perparing more and more and more....
1. Java - SCJP
2. IBM FileNet Administrator 4.0
3. IBM FileNet Adminstrator 4.5
4. IBM FileNet Prerequisite 4.0
5. IBM FileNet Prerequisite 4.5
Will update more..........Coming Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnn

Pavaka-Coconut Podi

Got some interesting chutteny podi, using Pavaka/Karela/Bitter Goudge. Its from my friend @ Taste of Mysore. U can get the receipe details from here
For my reference, just making a note of it. Here goes
Biter Gourd : 1 No
Dry coconut/kopara - 1 Cup
Dry Red Chillies - As per the spiece required
Salt - as required
Tamarind - 1 samll piece
Jaggery - Small piece (I didnt had this)
Oil - 1/2 tsp
Turmeric and Salt for soaking Bitter Gourd
1. Wash and Grate the Bitter Gourd and milk it with salt and Turmeric keep it aside for 1/2hr.
2. After 1/2 hr, squeeze out the water from the Bitter Gourd and add little water and squeeze our the water too.
3. Take 1/2 tsp of oil in a hot bottomed pan and fry the Red Chillies. Keep them aside, In the same pan fry the Grated Bitter Gourd till it is crips and then keep it aside to cool down.
4. Put off the stove and add the Dry coconut in the same Pan for sometime. After all these are cooled down.
5. In a mixer at the Red Chillie,BG,Dry coconut.Salt,Tamarid,Jaggery and powder it . Let it be a bit Coarse.
6. Serve it with hot Rice or For Dosa as chutney powder . ENJOY MAADI
Photo is not proper. Camera got some prb..Swapa Adjust MAADI PLS