Saturday, October 18, 2008

Carrot Payasam

Carrot Payasam- Easy to make and yummy yum ...only that the color is not Red or the carrot color..i added less carrot today..

1. Carrot - 1 Cup grated
2. Sugar - as per ur taste
3. Milk - 3 cup
4. Cashchew - 10pieces
5. Cardomon
6. Badam - 3 chop into small peices or Grate it

Cook the Carrot with lill water, Once the carrot is cooked, take it and grind it to a paste, then add milk , sugar and cardomon, let it boil it the qualilty becomes 1/2 i.e. it should become thick

Now take 2 tsp of ghee add, cashchew net to it fry till it becomes brown now add this to the payasam, add the garted Badam to it...
I made this just for 3 of us here at home :)
Yummy yum tasty tasty Carrot Payasam is done donna done

I am sending this to Sudeshna's Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth event


Indian Khana said...

Payasam looking yummy....gud one..I didnt get wht u mean by copied from me>

Uma said...

sorry was suppose to type something else and i messed up...