Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My First Quilling.
I got a Quilling kit from my SIL, so tried to make some.
The best wishes card was the simple one.

1. make 6 petals i used approx 7.5cms of paper length - Eye shaped
2. 4 - 2.5cms of Green paper and rolled only on one side
3. 1 - 2.5cms of White paper to make the center of a flower
3. Arraged everything together with just a lill glue

Best Wishes card

Bunch of Roses

I learned this Roses from a tutorial which Vani had shared, if any of u need it I can send it thru email.


Priti said...

Wow...card looks wonderful and so the steps on how to do it??

Uma said...

sorry will update it...forgot to do it

DEESHA said...

looks very nice .. good work